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International Journal of Development in Social Sciences and Humanities

International Peer Reviewed (Refereed), Open Access Research Journal

E-ISSN:2455-5142 | P-ISSN:2455-7730
Impact Factor: 5.790

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The International Journal of Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities (e-ISSN: 2455-5142; p-ISSN: 2455-7730) is a scholarly online, open access, peer-reviewed, quarterly, fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods, and applications in Law, Communication Sciences, Economics, Psychology, Education, Political Science, Management, Sociology, Administrative Sciences, Social Work, Tourism, Theology, Linguistics, Geography, Anthropology, History, and many other fields.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce IJDSSH, a journal dedicated to serving the publishing objectives of instructors, scientists, academics, students, and professionals. We appreciate all of the forces behind us, in the form of an illustrious advisory board, reviewers and editorial board, for their unwavering support and enthusiastic participation in this blossoming endeavour.

The major goal of the IJDSSH is to spread scientific information and stimulate debate in an interdisciplinary setting, bridging the disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science, history, geography, sociology, and philosophy. IJDSSH is devoted to the study of societies, as well as the analysis of social issues and the development of solutions. As a result, it contributes to qualitative and social change. This will contribute to the development of societies by providing a robust scientific foundation that has been proven widely.

With this framework, the journal aspires to portray the findings of massive worldwide social science research, publishing articles related to research, relevant theoretical contributions, and monograph reviews on a quarterly basis, all of which have contributed to the creation of knowledge in the broad field of social science studies. IJDSSH aspires to achieve critical and scientific discourse based on evidence that contributes to theoretical and empirical knowledge by working together and across disciplines. IJDSSH will publish articles in Hindi, German, Arabic, English, and French in order to reach a national and worldwide audience of social science field researchers and professionals. The journal strives to incorporate an interdisciplinary view of social science by providing open access and digital broadcasting. This fact is not mentioned in other scientific journal editorials.