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The Problem of Mosul and Political Parties (1918-1926)

Vol. 13, Jan-Jun 2022 | Page: 39-74

Osamah Ibrahim Raheem
Thi-Qar Directory of Education, Ministry of Education, Iraq

Received: 10-02-2022, Accepted: 29-03-2022, Published Online: 29-06-2022

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Britain followed a contradictory policy in the days of the outbreak of the First World War (1914-1918) through its agreement with the Arabs on unity and independence from the Ottoman Empire, then it agreed with France (Sykes-Picot Agreement) to divide the countries of the Arab Mashreq, and this contradicts their agreement with the Arabs. The Supreme Allies on April 25, 1920 in San Remo Mandate system and the Treaty of Sèvres and Lausanne. The contradiction of the colonial states in the San Remo conference and the establishment of the mandate system that contradicts international promises and the Joint Declaration (French - British) and with principle a report Self Determination and the principles of the American President and the age of fourteen. The British occupation of Iraq and the start of the occupation of Al-Faw then Basra and the advance of the British forces towards the cities, then (the Siege of Kut), the advance towards Baghdad and its occupation in March 1917, and the follow-up of the advance until the British forces reached a distance of (12) miles from Mosul when the Armistice of Mudros (Mudros) was held on October 30 The first, 1918, was clear evidence that Britain had hidden interests, ambitions and strategies towards Mosul, and this is what we understand from the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 and then the agreement that the Wilayat of Basra and Baghdad would be under direct British rule and the Wilayat of Mosul under indirect French rule, and this is what we understand that Britain has interests She hid it even on her ally in the war, France. But the twentieth revolution in Iraq forced Britain to end the mandate and form an Iraqi government, so Britain took Mosul as a trump card to pass its policy in the event of not recognizing its existence and concluding a treaty with Iraq.

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