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Sudan's Position on the Algerian Liberation Revolution 1945-1962

Vol. 14, Jul-Dec 2022 | Page: 19-32

Ahmed Neama Abdullah
Rusafa First, Baghdad Directorate of Education, Ministry of Education, Baghdad, Iraq

Dr Ibtisam Mahmoud Jawad
College of Education for Girls, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

Received: 04-05-2022, Accepted: 16-07-2022, Published Online: 24-07-2022

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The study came in order to shed light on Sudan's efforts to support the Algerian revolution in its struggle for independence and liberation from French colonialism during the period 1945-1962 AD and the circumstances experienced by the Algerian national movement and the reasons and motives that led the leaders to strike in 1954 The position of the Sudanese government and people on the revolution and the reasons that the Algerian revolutionaries helped define their cause in world public opinion, the efforts made by the successive Sudanese governments within the corridors of the United Nations, the Non -Aligned Organization and African organizations, and how the Sudanese people contributed to supporting the revolutionaries with money and weapons and ending the state of disagreement between the Algerian national leaders and the French reactions to this position.

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