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The Role of Nurseries According to The Dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 251 of 1986 in Force

Vol. 15, Jan-Jun 2023 | Page: 12-21

Mohammed Zughair Abbas
The General Directorate of Education at Diwaniyah, Ministry of Education, Republic of Iraq

Received: 28-11-2022, Accepted: 05-01-2023, Published Online: 05-02-2023

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The goal of the legislator since the beginning of the legislation is to create an educated generation by tracing the individual from his upbringing through a period prior to his primary schooling, i.e. the nursery period, so he proceeded to establish nurseries for children, and the low level of financial allocation for the infrastructure led to the legislator giving the private sector a role in establishing That role, as he set out in 1986 to authorize the contractor with the administration to establish private nurseries, on the terms and approvals of the Department of Labor and Social Security, with oversight by government agencies on the performance of the investor, as he granted it to specify the design of that role, in return, he made the determination of the value of the service. The performance is exclusive to the contractor, with soft loans and a subsidized piece of land. In fact, some legislations today (as in the National and Foreign Education Law) have brought the idea of private sector participation in the field of education, by reading the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 251 of 1986 and looking at the advantage it provides in the field of educational building, as the legislator can benefit from it. The Iraqi legal texts, especially to the country's economic situation, are almost identical to those of past periods.

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