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Vol. 8, Jul-Dec 2019 | Page: 201-214

Abebe Asres Mengistu
(PhD ,Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and Communication) Department of English Language and Literature, College of Social Science and Humanities, University of Gondar

Received: 20-08-2019, Accepted: 03-10-2019, Published Online: 14-10-2019

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The study is aimed to critically analyze the discourse of the portrayal of Ethiopia in Saving the Forgotten Jews (2015) movie. The movie was selected purposively for the reason that it is dealing with Ethiopia. Van-Dijk’s (2006) framework of triangular socio-cognitive approach is used as a model of analysis from linguistic perspective. The results of the study revealed that there are seven themes with negative representations by which Ethiopia is portrayed in the movie. The results also revealed various discursive manifestations of ideological discourse which the moviemakers used to exhibit the positioning of Ethiopia which traces back its past unfortunate events and occurrences such as: famine and civil war, which are identified as the nodal discourses contributed to the negative portrayal of Ethiopia in the movies. Based on the analysis, recommendations are given to: a) policymakers and media practitioners to work on the positive images of Ethiopia so as to change the western movie writers’ negative perceptions to Ethiopia b) researchers to cover the nonlinguistic aspects of movies and to analyze movies taken from different parts of the world in addition to the Western ones. You can order cheap and high quality UK replica watches here.
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