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Vol. 8, Jul-Dec 2019 | Page: 236-246

Asst. Lect Ghaidaa Fahmie Yousif
Department of English, College of Education, University of Thi-Qar, Iraq, Thi-Qar

Lect. Alaa Mohamed Jaber Alzaghir
Department of English, College of Education, University of Thi-Qar, Iraq, Thi-Qar

Asst. Lect Saad Murdas Murdas
Department of English, College of Education, University of Thi-Qar, Iraq, Thi-Qar

Received: 02-01-2019, Accepted: 15-02-2019, Published Online: 25-02-2019

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George Eliot is a product of a fertile land for the traditional art of speech – the popular. The study centered on the development of women's writing. Particularly, the study presents a critical review and notes on some of George Eliot's novels with reference to recent George Eliot Criticism. In its ultimate analysis, the study aims at setting the stage of this work by introducing briefly some of the key ideas, statements, views and arguments over George Eliot, the person and writer, and the fertile setting, both spatial and temporal, which plays a role in molding George Eliot’s character and participates in her intellectual, cognitive and creative fluidity. Hence, van Dijk's thoughts and opinions about ideology were selected to be the method of this critical note in this research paper. The study found that Art is, moreover, no longer " imitative", but it is highly reflective in nature and approach. Hence, the literatures of the nineteenth century can be seen as a very significantly capture the signals of the qualitative as well as the quantitative changes to which the era stands eloquent testimony.

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